Robert Maigret, Jr.

Best man and Officiant of ceremonies. Rob is my only brother and elder by six years. We were best of friends when we were kids, right up until he became a teenager and hanging with your little brother was no longer cool (doh). We ultimately picked up where we left off and Rob has been there to support me during nearly every major event in my life. Rob currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife Julie. He also likes to point.
Ned Coletta

Groomsman. Ned and I grew up in houses on the same street-- 209 and 232 Vancouver Avenue, respectively. I can't remember when I met Ned, but my earliest memories of the two of us date to age 6 or so. We were basically inseparable until middle school, and I sometimes think back and feel as if the Coletta house was my alternate home as a kid. Ned is consummate outdoorsman, and currently lives in Rutland, VT with his wife Elizabeth and their son Robert.
John Bunch

Groomsman. John and I became good friends when he moved to Warwick from Germany in 9th grade. We did a lot of crazy things together and somehow managed to avoid getting into too much trouble. Possibly the funniest guy I've ever met. John currently lives in Seattle. Mmmm, yeah.
Rob Kocour

Groomsman. I met Rob freshman year at Georgia Tech, and we grew closer as the years ticked by, culminating with a backpacking trip to Europe and subsequent trek to California where we were roommates. Rob currently lives in Las Vegas with his wife Candace.
Eric Fesler

Groomsman. I met Eric at National Semiconductor circa 2001, when I realized we both had the same make of car (BMW M3). The rest is history, but Eric and I spent many weekends together under each other's cars. Does that sound weird? Eric currently lives in south central Los Angeles (G's up, hoes down), but we're hoping he moves back to the Bay Area eventually.