In August 2010, we spent an amazing week in Greece, visiting the islands of Crete and Santorini. Santorini is known for its sunsets at the northern town of Oia. On the last day of our time on Santorini, Mike proposed as the sun set in the sky.
Earlier in the day, we swam out to an isolated island with a series of old steps that led to a 30 foot high "jumping-off" point. It was a moment of foreshadowing as we "took the plunge" into the Mediterranean Sea.
Greece was the trip of a lifetime, as we experienced so many new things, but the highlights were the beaches, fresh local cuisine and of course, getting engaged. Fast forward to our official engagement photos, which largely took place underwater as we practiced (and practiced) taking the plunge. Enjoy. We certainly did!
A very special thanks to my brother Rob and sister-in-law Julie for allowing us to use their pool as well as our photographer Rachel for braving the shoot whilst four months pregnant. More pictures can be seen at our photographers website if you're in the mood.