The Bride's Matrons/Maid
(I don't have a maid of honor because, for me, it would be almost like choosing a favorite pet.)
Edaire Cheng, M.D.

Yi De is a childhood friend of Failop's since middle school and lives in Dallas, Texas, where she practices pediatric medicine.  She was recently married in a magnificent Costan Rican wedding to Dr. Hemant Dand.  (They're going to have one smart-ass brood of Ch-Indians. ;-) They have an Alaskan Malamut that weighs over 150 pounds named Kona.
Christina Kuo

Chrissy has been a friend of Failop's since middle school and lives with her husband, international entrepreneur Alex Kuo, in Dallas, Texas.  With the birth of Cameron Kuo in September 2010, she was recently inducted into the Honorary Club of Motherhood. They have a Shih-tzu named Combo.
Kathy Shen

As the one and only bridesmaid *ahem single gentlemen* Kit-kat has been a friend of Failop's since elementary school. It is likely Kathy that will travel the farthest to attend the "big day," as she currently lives in Taipei, Taiwan. She has the least appreciated, but most important, job of teaching young, eager minds. Growing up, Kathy loved to spoil her black labrador, Duoduo.
Growing up, we called our troupe of four "KFCE." I sometimes pictured us as the ladies of Sex and the City, where I was the neurotic Miranda, Edaire the even-keeled Carrie, Chrissy the socially-savvy Samantha and Kathy the wide-eyed Charlotte.
Christina Bauwens

The closest in age among four cousins on my dad's side, Chee is the daughter of my father's older brother, Gary Chu.  Because Gary and my dad (Richard) could pass for twins, Christina is probably as close to having a sibling as I'll ever get.  She is currently a 1L (first-year student) at McGeorge Law School and is married to Jason Bauwens, a Federal drug and law enforcement officer for our national parks. They have a brown cocker spaniel named Oliver.